No, my drumsticks aren't made of chicken.

Well, I do get money for doing concerts (at least the ones where people actually attend…), but I usually just donate it all to the shrine. I don’t really have any use for it.

Um, if you really want to, then I guess you can? I think I look kind of weird without a beard, though…

Um, if you really want to, then I guess you can? I think I look kind of weird without a beard, though…

As for my physique, well, what do you expect the body of a person who drums regularly to look like?

I believe now is… now is the time for you to seriously reconsider the meaning of the word ‘bara’.

Have you ever heard the expression ‘Trying to teach American History to an ancient Japanese artefact is like trying to teach Mormonism to native African tribes’?

That’s what I thought.

And neither, I think, does anyone else in Gensoukyou, for that matter. Maybe you should ask Yukari; she’s definitely the most up to date on… well… anything really. It was through her that I got this computer, y’know.

Seeing as that second one is kind of lame, how’s about we combine the two into a Double Magic Anon?

M!A: Raiko is now a boy, and has chicken drumsticks in place of wooden ones, for 6 whole days!

And hey, be sure to send in another M!A before next Monday or something, or else I won’t have anything to do around here!


Hi. What’s the news?

Hi. What’s the news?

I find this to be a more efficient method of dealing with the problem, but your suggestion is just as viable.

Thank you for your question, and have a safe night!

ANOTHER hiatus?

((actually it’s only for a week. actually it less than a week. today (monday), tuesday,and wednesday, i have work experience, which means… i’ll be in work. 9am-6pm (by the time i get home), so i won’t have time to myself for drawing!

thursday will have an update as normal, as the workplace i’m visiting is on strike, which means i don’t have to go in. M!As (i know there are two pending) will be withheld until next monday, so they can get a full week’s worth of answers

as for friday, well, i’ll try and prepare friday’s update on thursday, so everything should carry on as normal after wednesday. sorry for having to do this again just a week into the revival, but i’m just not gonna have the time. on the bright side, however, school finishes on the 18th, so after that it should be smoooooth sailing

tl;dr: lol no update c u on thursday bitchezzzzz

and as always, keep asking questions!


I specialise in ranged attacks more than direct attacks, so that would be where my strength lies.

((whoops i ended up doing it HM style i guess that makes me a Bad Blogger huh? also sorry about the late update today it won’t become a habit i promi s e))